Advisory firm - specialising in the letting and sale of hotel properties since 2000


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G.O.P is an advisory firm specialising in the letting and sale of hotel properties. Whenever required, G.O.P. uses its hotel-development expertise to prepare hotels for the sales and marketing process, for instance, or to optimise the concept, planning, financing, or contracts.
G.O.P.’s clients are national and international property developers as well as private and institutional hotel investors. The company likes to engage in complex projects such as hotels as part of mixed-used properties, hotels located in high-rises and in buildings that are under heritage conservation.
G.O.P. works with all star categories, preferably in German-speaking countries.
G.O.P. collaborates with owners at its own expense, without retainer or pre-studies. The company prefers to engage in profit-participation arrangements. G.O.P. has accumulated many excellent references from owners who were able to increase their profits significantly based on such arrangements.

G.O.P. solely works on the basis of exclusive mandating. G.O.P. does not act as broker but as project manager, overseeing a complex process from the first steps to the closing of a lease or sale contract resulting in the optimisation and maximisation of the project’s economic success.